“Khun Daeng” Modifies “Kob”
Orders to change Character
To play an insane character for “Reun Sawan Ruk

She took us all by surprised when n’ek “Kob Suvanant Kongying”  got married. There were so many news and rumors that she will retire from the entertainment industry, that she refused to star in another lakorn. All the fans have been complaining, they miss this lady’s acting skills that always brought us to tears.

But now, fanclub is celebrating, because the big boss of ch7, “khun Daeng Surang Prempri, has ordered a new lakorn from DaraVDO titled “Reun Sawn Ruk”. The station is hopeful that this will the lakorn of the year that will pull high ratings.

And of course, the main character is none other than “Kob“. She’s facing such a daunting script, because usually, she always plays as a n’ek who cries her hearts out. But in the year 2010, will the year where her skills are put to a test. She will play as a n’ek who was driven to insanity. (near the end of the lakorn) We (TVInside) don’t really know that it will be changed or not. But what we know for sure is that the station is hoping that a change of her character will please many of her fans all over the country.

A short summary is that “Kob” will play as a proud woman, full of self-confidence. She likes khun Luang, who will be played by “Kelly Thanapat” But that love failed to flourished. This, she told all 3 of her sisters, starring “Nok Ausanee”, “Som Thansinee”, and Min Pichara (N’ek from Pla Boo Tong) that they may not love any man. Then the story goes on. And most importantly, as the story went on “Kob” falls in love with a young pra’ek, “Sun Pichayadon “, but found out later that he is her nephew which drove her insanity.


CREDIT: Kudaranai@sarnworld


E-Sohm Som Waang: Cha Cha Cha (In Country Melody 2) is set to be released in theaters on August 12, 2009

Produced by: Phranakorn Films

OHO Magazine, Issue 32, June 3 – 16, 2009

It’s seems that my life graph is especially high lately because last time I just recently had dinner with “Ann Thongprasom. To this time, I also have another appointment with a n’ek.

This person is the people’s sweetheart n’ek. Whether it be that she’s moving to do something, going somewhere, they are all news. Especially extremely before she held hands with “Brook-Danuporn Punnakant” in matrimony. That’s right she is “Kob-Suvanant Kongying.” No matter how long the time have passed, Kob is still hot without changing. Actually the opposite, she’s even more hotter because many people are still following her and are always asking about this n’ek. Like “Will Kob be playing in anymore lakorns?” “When will we get to see Kob-Brook Jr.?” and etc. Every question that you want to know, “Hoy Soy Ma Laow (Hoy‘s Prying to Tell)” this issue has the answers. Including her personal life…so personal that it might be a little rated and the secret things in the bedroom that Kob has agree to be pry for telling at here only.

Q: How is “E-Sohm 2”? How is this part different for the first part?

K: The first part emphasis on dancing and comedy. But the weights of this part will be based on p’ek and n’ek’s life. If it’s a comedy, it’ll be a dark comedy. This movie isn’t only sold in a specific group, but it’s sold in more of mass market. Like the first part, the VCDs sold very well.

Q: Honestly Kob, did you think it was because of you that made the movie sold well?

K: It doesn’t have anything to do with it. (Kob smiles.) I’m just an actor/actress, but my market is a mass market. Easily said, the group that watches me are a little bit Phuthorn (countryside). I am of the villager’s liking. It’s just like the same as the movie that have the same market. So that’s how we pull in the viewers. (To these words I actually looked at Kob’s face. What kind of person….would be so modest? And it seemed liked Kob could pick up my signals, so she said…) I’m not being modest, but it’s the truth. Like when I’m playing lakorns with a new p’ek. Everybody will say that they were successful because of me, but I don’t think so. It’s just only a part of it. If they play it well, they will be even more popular.

Q: In the past how many p’eks have passed through your hands, Kob?

K: Oh wow, there’s a lot! There’s Stefan (Sunti Veeraboonchai). Like P’ Brook is one. Also P’ Poh (Nattawoot Skidjai). That I remember was because of this lakorn that made me have news with P’ Poh.

Q: How? News of y’all getting together?

K: Oh, no! The news of me not taking a “couple” picture with P’ Poh instead. Would you believe the news that came out about me, most of it was rumors like “They say that…” Almost all of them. The first news that I encountered was that “I was arrogant.” I’m worker that is quite precise. When asking for something, that’s how it should be. I’m not a person that has a problem with everything. For example, I’m a person with hips. I will tell the crew that I won’t wear garments that are tight on my hips. I’ve already told them the first time. Before working I told them again. While working, I’ll tell them again many times. But if there still aren’t any changes or they’re still doing it, I will bawl out. Because I take it as that I have already told them. I’ve already ask them. I’m a straightforward person and I’m being myself very clear. If I don’t like it, I’ll say it. But when I say it, they think that I’m troublesome, throwing a fit. But seriously saying, my personality isn’t suitable to work in the entertainment business because I like to be alone. I don’t like that there’s a lot of people. I don’t like bothering with anyone. I like to stay home more than to go out to an event.

Q: No wonder…I haven’t see you go out to many events, Kob.

K: Well, I don’t know why I should go. When going to each events/functions I would waste a lot on them. The dress is already like 10 thousand THB. Then there’s the expense for hair and make-up, which is couple of thousands THB. And for me to stand there smiling, i don’t know why I should go. But for me to go be a host, I’ll go because I’m going to work. I highly keep to myself. I like to stay home, but I like to stay in the bathroom.

Q: And what do you do in the bathroom? Is there a TV in there, Kob?

K: There’s not one (laughs). But I like to read the newspaper, cartoons, play games in the bathroom. My daily routine is that I would take off all of my clothes and lay down to read cartoons in the bath tub (laughs). After I finish reading, then I can do other things because I’m ready(laughs). I’m a very imaginative person, highly keep to myself, which are personalities that doesn’t suit to be in the show biz. Like when I was filming “Nang Tard,” there we so many actors in the story. I let them converse with each other in the air-conditioned room, as for myself, I was outside. I was on a mat talking to mom Dao (Duangdao Jarunjinda). I did this everyday that P’ Pok (Piyathida Worramusik) came to ask me what’s the matter. Why didn’t I talked to anyone? Did I not like somebody? I want to say that I like everybody, but the sounds in the room were so noisy. Everybody was talking. When it gets loud, I can’t remember my lines. That’s all. Well, I like to be in silent.

Q: Seriously, will you not be playing anymore lakorns, Kob?

K: I have never said that I wouldn’t be playing lakorns anymore. It’s just that right now I feel more overfull with acting in lakorns. For the passing, there were various productions that had contacted me.

Q: And were there any productions that had presented you with a character that wasn’t a n’eks role, Kob?

K: There was. It was the notable villain role. But I told them that, “I’m really sorry. This is the villain role; I won’t play it.” If I’m going to play evil/bad, then it’ll be an evil/bad n’ek like in “Bussaba Ray Ruk,” but I certainly won’t play the villainous role. I’m proud of my “n’ek” position. I don’t think that I’m the no. 1 n’ek or that I’m a top n’ek that I won’t accept to play it. Today’s n’eks and the n’eks back then are very different from each other. Back then the n’eks must be pitiful. A n’ek without any negative news. A n’ek with only a good/beautiful image. P’ Hoy, would you believe that it was very difficult before I was able to reach this day? I had endeavor to keep it for over 10 years. I’m proud of it, so I don’t want to change anything.

Q: No wonder…I haven’t heard news of you conflicting with any n’ek at all.

K: There weren’t any in my generation, bro. Like the generation before me was “P’ Tooy-Monreudee.” When seeing each other, we would “wai” and greet each other. I have never thought of taking her position. And she have never thought of doing anything to me. Until to my generation, there were Nampueng-Nattarika, Tik-Kanyarath. There weren’t any upsetting at each other. Then to the generation of Aump (Patcharapa Chaichua). We two have never not like each other. I have never thought why was Aump so famous, because we walked in different paths. Aump is a bold n’ek, but I’m a teary n’ek. When Aump sees me, she would always greet. Between us, there aren’t any competitions. Until to the generation of nong Noon (Woranuch Wongsawan), Yui (Jiranan Manojam), Chompoo (Araya A. Hargett). We are all [like] siblings.

Q: Now that you’re married, have you ever thought that your fame would lessen, Kob?

K: No (with a strong confirming voice). I must tell you first that all of the awards that I have received I got them from votes. There’s not an award that I have received from acting. Because most people see that I don’t really have any skills. At first, I was like “why you…” saying that I can’t play lakorns that good at all. But as time progresses, I begin to learn that the process of giving an award consists of many supporting factors. There’s the production house. There’s their liking. So I’m unconcerned. And recently I just received the “Popular Actress” Award from Kom Chad Luek Newspaper. I have said on that day that I went to get the award that the days and time has changed. It also makes people’s feelings dissolve with it. But I have been in this industry for 17 years. But I’m still receiving this award. So I know that the people’s feeling of love for me hadn’t dissolved at all. And this is the thing that makes me proud because the process of them voting for me isn’t because that I just entered the industry, and it’s not my peak point. My peak point had passed since long ago. I had peaked since “Daoprasook.” If you were me, you would know how proud it is…

Q: Ummm….I agree. And how is your married life? Before marriage and after marriage, is it the same?

K: I have known P’ Brook for 10 years now; ever since “Look Tal Loy Kaew.” Like the first 3 -4 years that we got together, there would always be birthday’s present to each other. P’ Brook’s house was around at Suan Siam, my house was around Pra Ram 6, but he would drive his car to take me home. Each time he’d take me home, he’d say why is it far. Why is it so country? He would complain, but he would send me every day. After a while, there weren’t any [complaints]. It might have been because we were more closer (know each other better). Also, it might have been over for the promotional period (laughs). The first 3 – 4 years, our relationship was like a boyfriend/girlfriend. Everything seemed to be exciting. Even holding hands for the first time, my heart was shaking (nervous). Pecking/kissing on the cheeks, when and where, I still remember it.

Q: Huh? You still remember?

K: Of course, I can remember it (shyly laughs). But now if you want me to tell you about what the first gift after marriage was, I can’t even remember. Just think about it…

Q: If you really remember it, then tell me a little about it, Kob.

K: Are you for reals? (I nodded my head. Kob smiled shyly.) At the time, we were sitting in the car. I was sticking my face out to look my something. Apparently he was turning around to kiss my cheek. I was stunned, then I said, “What is this?” He stared at my face and replied back, “What now?…Like to be so mischievous.” After that, I sat still and was quiet.

Q: P’ Brook is kind of bad also. But before marriage, there were some harsh encounters.

K: Like I have said, it started from misunderstandings between each other. The more news, the more people commented, my relationship is more apart from P’ Brook’s family. I’m not so good at entering the socialite since I was a kid. I’m a kid that does wrong things and am afraid. If P’ Brook had not taken care of me so well like this, we would probably have broken up already. But many times that he had showed me that he loved me.

Q: And have y’all argued?

K: There was some, but it wasn’t anything big. Just something little.

Q: I’m going to guess that it’s about work.

K: A little bit. Because P’ Brook always have to work. Including going to the district area, meetings for the party (political). He’s only off for one day, which is Friday. It was like this even before marriage. If there’s a week that he gives so much more time to work, I would whine and complain to him that, “Geez…What is this? Only work, then go stay with the work.” P’ Brook would know what to do then. Other than that, it’s the matter of the TV.

Q: How? Don’t tell me y’all fight over to watch it.

K: (Laughs) No. But when P’ Brook comes back home and likes to leave the TV on. After that, he goes to the bathroom. So I would pick up the remote and turn it off. When P’ Brook comes out, he would ask why I turned it off. So I told him that I didn’t want to listen to it nor watch it. I want to be in silence. We would always be like this. Or when we sleep, there would always be problems often. Because I’m a person that can’t sleep. If there’s any light or sound slightly entering, because P’ Brook likes to watch TV all night but I would sleep, we would have to meet in the middle (compromise). P’ Brook have to buy head phones to use. As for myself, I have to buy eye cover ups to wear when I sleep. So we won’t have problems.

Q: Oh, that’s good. I think that’s a national problem that should be fix. Believe me, the TV subject has made many people fight. Lastly, when are you going to have children?

K: Not any right now. But I’m a person that likes children a lot. I think probably in a while that the child will come…

Okay then, Kob. Whenever “Kob-Brook Jr.” comes, tell me about it. I will be the one to give solace myself. Before we finish Kob, I want to let you know that I know why you are the people’s sweetheart n’ek. Kob, even though you are a frank person clearly over 100%, but it’s hidden with sincerity that anyone is able to feel it (really).

Source Interview by: Hoy for OHO Magazine – Translator by: Mon@SKF

Pictures Credit: All About Kob Forum and Magazine Dee.Com



Silamanee (Precious Stone) will start airing NOVEMBER 8, 2008

5:25am – PT l 6:25am – MT l 7:25am – CT l 8:25am – ET


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Silamanee (Precious Stone)

Thai title: Silamanee l ศิลามณี
English title: Precious Stone
Released: November 8th, 08
Episodes: N/A episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama
Company Production: Workpoint l Campordee for Channel 7

Suvanant Kongying (Kob) as Princess Saengfarng/Ngam Saenluang/Mae Liang
Pattarapon Sinlapajan (Paul) as Parote Rachaseyna
Pulpat Attapanyapol as Chalee Rachaseyna
Premsinee Rattanasopha (Cream) as Sasi Buranayothin
Noppol Pitaklopanich (Glom) as Jao Saibordee
Sitiporn Niyom as Prince Gawin of Rathshaan
Jaturawit Kochanuam as Lieutenant Colonel Atisuk
Sompope Benjatikul as King Saenluang Na Chiangrath
Papassara Teychapaiboon as Khun Ying Athiti Buranayothin
Thapakorn Dissayanant as General Jomnarong Buranayothin
Pairoj Jaisingh as Praya Petcharayoot Rachaseyna/Luang Rathchanurak
Apiradee Pawaputanont as Khun Ying Samerjai Rachaseyna


“The love test of a royal princess and a proud man”

The precious emerald necklace of Chiangrath has been given to the family of Parote Rachaseyna (Pattarapol Sinlapajarn), whom is proud in his dignity and looks down upon Northern women like his mother. In which has created his feud of hatred for Princess Saengfarng (Suvanant Kongying) so she must go undercover as Ngam Saenluang and Mae Liang in order to get the Silamanee back. Between “him” and “her,” the fued that they have created towards each other, can it be turn into “love” or not? Only “Silamanee” will be the significant key to unlocking this puzzle.

The original was produced as a tv series in 1994 by Daravdo (Channel 7). The leads were played by Ann Siriam and Dodo Yuttapichai. Silamanee, is a love story about a beautiful Princess of one country in Northern part of Thailand,  who tried to get back “Silamanee”, most valuable green stone/emerald necklace, which belong to her family,  from her fiance, Parote (a person whom she was engaged to since childhood).

Silamanee OST 1994 Version

1. Silamanee – Billy Organ (Theme)
Download: [Click Here]

2. Silamanee – Ord Opass ( Ending – Guy Version)
Download: [Click Here]

3. Silamanee – Aew Penpayoam (Ending – Girl Version)
Download: [Click Here]

4. Ruk Ter – Zank (Interlude)
Download: [Click Here]