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“Khun Daeng” Modifies “Kob”
Orders to change Character
To play an insane character for “Reun Sawan Ruk

She took us all by surprised when n’ek “Kob Suvanant Kongying”  got married. There were so many news and rumors that she will retire from the entertainment industry, that she refused to star in another lakorn. All the fans have been complaining, they miss this lady’s acting skills that always brought us to tears.

But now, fanclub is celebrating, because the big boss of ch7, “khun Daeng Surang Prempri, has ordered a new lakorn from DaraVDO titled “Reun Sawn Ruk”. The station is hopeful that this will the lakorn of the year that will pull high ratings.

And of course, the main character is none other than “Kob“. She’s facing such a daunting script, because usually, she always plays as a n’ek who cries her hearts out. But in the year 2010, will the year where her skills are put to a test. She will play as a n’ek who was driven to insanity. (near the end of the lakorn) We (TVInside) don’t really know that it will be changed or not. But what we know for sure is that the station is hoping that a change of her character will please many of her fans all over the country.

A short summary is that “Kob” will play as a proud woman, full of self-confidence. She likes khun Luang, who will be played by “Kelly Thanapat” But that love failed to flourished. This, she told all 3 of her sisters, starring “Nok Ausanee”, “Som Thansinee”, and Min Pichara (N’ek from Pla Boo Tong) that they may not love any man. Then the story goes on. And most importantly, as the story went on “Kob” falls in love with a young pra’ek, “Sun Pichayadon “, but found out later that he is her nephew which drove her insanity.


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