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Eeekkk….harshly pushing the brakes. The shift stick almost stuck to P’ Jukkadui’s hand and broke off. Let’s get back on topic. Just received a letter from “Nong Nuch” from Rachaburi writing to ask about…that the news of “P’ Kob Suvanant” will stop playing lakorns for channel 7 because she is preparing to get marry with “P’ Brook Danuporn.” Is it true? If it’s true I would be really sad. I want P’ Kob to play lakorns for a long time. As for getting married, she can go ahead. It doesn’t have anything to do with acting in lakorns.

Whoa…for this “P’Jukkadui” can say that “P’ Kob” probably won’t stop playing lakorns. Right now she is filming Silamanee. I see that your P’ Kob is happy with her work. She also gives an interview, saying that she will act until no one hires her. As for getting marry, you have to wait to ask “P’ Brook,” what is he going to do? Don’t let Kob wait for too long….(I’m furious for nong’ Kob…you might be hit.)

September 18, 2008 l Source: Dailynews.com

Sitha wakes up and find himself laying on a bed. Around him were candles that were put around into heart shapes. Soon enough Orn comes to him and lays in bed with him and talks about how she set up everything for him and about their future together. Sitha pretend to agree with her that everything would be normal (he marrying her and having a life together. Orn snaps and told him that he was lying because he was going to marry Mintra, Sitha assure by saying he loves her (he’s trying to gain her trust). Out of strengths Nong’Da rest herself by the side of the road, it was dark, but Mintra, Yootdanai, and Chorthip spots her. They save the little girl and headed to the location of Orn’s house. Sitha had Orn believe in him, assure by his words Orn untie the rope on his wrist, Sitha tells Orn they’ll be with eachother but first they need to find Nong’Da. At first Orn hesitate cause she didn’t want to leave the place afraid they won’t be coming back there, but she agrees. As they head down the stairs, Mintra and Chorthip had rush into the house. Orn remembers the hatred she had toward Mintra, she immediately lunged at Mintra and choked her. Sitha trie to help Mintra but gets push away, his wounded arm was again in pain. Yootdanai steps up and slightly punch his sister in the stomach, Orn fall on a pile of boxes and becomes unconcious, Yootdanai is concern for his sister. Mintra goes to Sitha’s side to see if he was okay. Continue Reading »

Bussaba Ray Ruk Episode 13:

Sitha goes after Roangrong and sees her crying. Roangrong question Sitha why he doesn’t let go of Mintra when he knows it’s not good for her, after all his sister is abusive, this leads Sitha to wonder why Roangrong seem to care for Mintra after all the problems Mintra had cause. Outside the business, Roangrong walks out and finds Wit and Chorthip waiting for her, they wanted to help out and get Mintra to realize what she is doing to herself. Continue Reading »

Bussaba Ray Ruk Episode 12:

Mintra finish working, after getting off stage she hands her roses to a worker. The owner is just happy that Mintra still continues to work for him, it’ll assure him more customers. After work…Mintra goes to a restaurant to buy some soup for Surint, she picks up the container but then put it back on the counter when she spots Sitha and Orn. Sith left to the restroom, when he came out Mintra blocks his way. She has a converstation about their plans for the future, he comfirms it won’t be happening anymore. Mintra knows he’s holding back the love he use to have for her, so she teases him by approaching him and kissing him on the check. Near the corner of his mouth, Mintra left her lipstick mark. Continue Reading »

Bussaba Ray Ruk Episode 11:

Bussaba’s father takes Roangrong to Chorthip, they plead her to tell where Bussaba live so they can see her and talk some sense into her but Chorthip knows Bussaba wouldn’t like it so she couldn’t tell. It left Roangrong with the only alternative as in finding Bussaba when she is Mintra, so that night she went looking for Mintra in bars. Wit went with Roangrong and gets confuse why Roangrong look in those places, unaware of Bussaba being Mintra. Roangrong doesn’t want him to know so she tells him to go home. Continue Reading »

Bussaba Ray Ruk Episode 10:

Thanadol is depressed, Sitha wanted to console him but Yootdanai tells him to give Thanadol time to think alone. Orn finds out from her brother, Yootdanai, about the whole ordeal with Bussaba and Thanadol.

At the bridal shop, Orn tries on her dress. In the shop Sitha broke off his relationship with Orn, it was unbelievable to her, that she ignores what he just said and continues to urge him to put on his suit for the wedding. He loses his patience and tells her strernly that he doesn’t want to go through with the procedure cause there won’t be a wedding between them. Orn thinks he’s just not feeling well, he again tells her, clearly and slwoly, to make sure she understood. Orn is devastated and in denial. Continue Reading »