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Silamanee (Precious Stone) will start airing NOVEMBER 8, 2008

5:25am – PT l 6:25am – MT l 7:25am – CT l 8:25am – ET



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Thai title: Silamanee l ศิลามณี
English title: Precious Stone
Released: November 8th, 08
Episodes: N/A episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama
Company Production: Workpoint l Campordee for Channel 7

Suvanant Kongying (Kob) as Princess Saengfarng/Ngam Saenluang/Mae Liang
Pattarapon Sinlapajan (Paul) as Parote Rachaseyna
Pulpat Attapanyapol as Chalee Rachaseyna
Premsinee Rattanasopha (Cream) as Sasi Buranayothin
Noppol Pitaklopanich (Glom) as Jao Saibordee
Sitiporn Niyom as Prince Gawin of Rathshaan
Jaturawit Kochanuam as Lieutenant Colonel Atisuk
Sompope Benjatikul as King Saenluang Na Chiangrath
Papassara Teychapaiboon as Khun Ying Athiti Buranayothin
Thapakorn Dissayanant as General Jomnarong Buranayothin
Pairoj Jaisingh as Praya Petcharayoot Rachaseyna/Luang Rathchanurak
Apiradee Pawaputanont as Khun Ying Samerjai Rachaseyna


“The love test of a royal princess and a proud man”

The precious emerald necklace of Chiangrath has been given to the family of Parote Rachaseyna (Pattarapol Sinlapajarn), whom is proud in his dignity and looks down upon Northern women like his mother. In which has created his feud of hatred for Princess Saengfarng (Suvanant Kongying) so she must go undercover as Ngam Saenluang and Mae Liang in order to get the Silamanee back. Between “him” and “her,” the fued that they have created towards each other, can it be turn into “love” or not? Only “Silamanee” will be the significant key to unlocking this puzzle.

The original was produced as a tv series in 1994 by Daravdo (Channel 7). The leads were played by Ann Siriam and Dodo Yuttapichai. Silamanee, is a love story about a beautiful Princess of one country in Northern part of Thailand,  who tried to get back “Silamanee”, most valuable green stone/emerald necklace, which belong to her family,  from her fiance, Parote (a person whom she was engaged to since childhood).

Silamanee OST 1994 Version

1. Silamanee – Billy Organ (Theme)
Download: [Click Here]

2. Silamanee – Ord Opass ( Ending – Guy Version)
Download: [Click Here]

3. Silamanee – Aew Penpayoam (Ending – Girl Version)
Download: [Click Here]

4. Ruk Ter – Zank (Interlude)
Download: [Click Here]

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P’Thong (Director):

Glom Noppol:

Kob and Paul l Part one:

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